Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm not your MOM

So when you walk by a rack of clothes and you accidentally touch some clothing and it falls to the ground, what do you do? The correct answer is to pick it up and try to fix it. so many times someone will do this, then look at me, and then continue shopping. Just please respectful of the people that are working to not make their jobs harder. I once had a lady do this that looked at me and then kicked the item that she had just dropped. REALLY? She was a mom that had 15 year old daughter. All I can say is THANKS for the EXAMPLE to the future generation lady. Oh yeah her daughter also went to WEB...

Please also understand that when you ask an employee if the store has a bathroom, it in fact does, but you cannot use it. It would be the same thing if you had to pee and stopped in a random neighborhood at a random house and knocked on the door and asked to use their bathroom. No one does that. Store bathrooms are for stores employees only, not random shoppers that are in fact a security threat. It may seem silly, but in fact you can learn a lot about a stores back room in a short amount of time if you are smart. I cannot tell you what is in back rooms, but merchandise appears from somewhere right? There is always a public restroom close by.

Lastly, drinks in stores. It is OK and I would like to thank everyone that has taken it upon themselves to ask an employee if they could throw their drink away. So much better than leaving it randomly throughout the store. Leaving this liquid with a greater chance of being spilled and splattered everywhere. Not fun to clean up and also a severe safety hazard to employees and customers, which could lead to a law suit. Also please do not throw your cups with ice into one of our trash bins. What happens to ice when it melts? Oh yeah it becomes water, and leaks every where. Not to mention this mystery water is always brown and usually leaks on a new outfit when the shift has just started. Thanks for ruining a perfect day and outfit you MYSTERY WATER MAKERS.

So in closing try to treat the spaces you are in like you would if you were at home. After all everywhere you go you are essentially a guest so behave like one.

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