Sunday, September 16, 2012

more than PLAY

This week was a reminder of how many things that retail workers have to do that people do not see to keep a store successful. We always have new and improved crazy stories, and a days routines will never be repeated the same way another day. A plan is always in a managers heads on how the day will go, but the unexpected always happens, I guess we could say unexpected is routine.

I received my schedule from work with one shift being from 8:00 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. Why, you ask. Well see there are these things called floor sets or planograms. This is where everything in the store is moved around to reflect current fashions, climates, and trends. They are planned for the same dates for every store in the company and is an important system put in place too set the store apart from others. In some stores it can take up to 4 days for one to be complete and is hard on our bodies to back to a normal routine. We love this time because we see the new product and it is a time where there are no customers so everyone working can socialize freely. Just know this is hard work. We often are girls lifting boxes that weigh up to 50 lbs, moving and climbing ladders, and measuring where to put the face out for proper height. Sometimes we are treated like we do not know anything but play in clothing, but trust me an average person would not even begin to understand how to read the floor set. So just for the record we do a lot more than play in cute clothes all day. May I also note that anyone that works with clothing usually finds it hard to laundry because we feel like we do it all day any way, folding, hanging sizing , straightening, we don't have the will power to do it when we get home.

I also had the opportunity to clean up turquoise sparkle nail polish that broke and sprayed everywhere. The girls were so apologetic and offered to help and because they were so nice I said do not worry about it we are getting paid to clean it up. However, if they had an attitude I would have still cleaned it up, but I would be putting those girls on blast instead of saying they were super nice. The nail polish is obviously not the first thing that has been spilled in 12 years and I was reminded of the baby that pooped on our floor. See you wonder how this happens, right? Well there were two ladies shopping, one of which had about a six month old child. They were shopping for something to wear out that night so they could "get lost" as one said. Before they ran out one of the ladies informed one of the associates that her baby had "boo booed" on the floor. The associate came to tell me and she also explained then  the baby didn't have a diaper on. Really, really??? Shopping for clothes to wear out with a baby that doesn't have a diaper on. I cleaned it up and it was terrible.

We aren't teachers that deserve to make way more money. What we do deserve is more respect from customers that think we are there just to look pretty. We clean and do things that no one ever sees so that you, the customers can have the best shopping experience possible. This includes disciplining associates and sometimes firing them because they are affecting your shopping experience. Which is the least fun part of our job, even over cleaning poop.

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  1. Holy cow! I guess I never really gave the behind scenes a second thought...