Sunday, September 23, 2012


At work!!! Asked a lady 3 times if I could help her out, standing 2 feet away from her. I asked 3 times if she needed help with jeans she was looking at, every time she ignored what I saying until the 3rd time her mom said we are just looking! As she continued to tornado through the jeans and talking about what size she would wear because she didn't know the conversion in our store. I still offered and told her what size she would wear, she then told me that I was incorrect. Questionable!!! I work here you don't! Did no one ever teach you that ignoring people is RUDE!!! Also if you are not spoken to and ignored then we are then we are accused of bad service! How does that make sense? Just to let people in the nonretail world that we do have people come in that are secret shoppers and we are graded on the experience that they have. Of our scores are bad the whole store gets a write up! Also it does do something to ones self esteem when they are ignored. The most frustrating things when people enter a store and ignore the greeter! We are just welcoming you to our home of work , not trying to sell you something off the bat! Clearly customers need time to shop before they have questions! So anytime, in a store or not, of someone says something to you reply back!!!

What will be coming this week???

Please anyone feel free to comment and leave stories as well! Even of you are a customer! It always helps to have a different opinion!!!

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  1. It absolutely drives me crazy when customers ignore me. I welcome everyone, and one day when I asked a man how he was doing he replied, "I'm not going to tell you, because you really don't care." I also hate it when people interrupt me when I'm running a register and ringing up another customer. Yes, I see you. Yes, I realize that you have a question. No, you are not more important than my current customer and can wait your turn just like they did!