Sunday, September 9, 2012


I work in a retail store, this also means that their are many things that customers think we who work in retail control, but in reality we do not. Our corporate offices are usually somewhere on the West Coast. Our closest connection to our corporate office is most likely,  a DM who doesn't even talk to corporate, that District Manager talks to the Regional Manager who then can call up corporate any time. My point is there are somethings that retail associates can not control no matter how much we wish we could. The cruel reality and truth is all we as associates can really control are our smiles, customer service, and product knowledge. Anything beyond that, more than likely, is not left up to any of the managers of the store, but only corporate and they will make the decision for all stores not just one. If you as a customer had paid attention in college you would know that... Uncontrolled circumstances and corporate policies are not anyone's fault that works at the store, try not to take it out on us.


So my dears, you came to the mall on a Saturday at 2:00 and mad there is a line to wait in for 10 minutes.? You are the grown up that made the decision to come shopping during a peak hour on Saturday when everyone else is at the mall. Try to remember that this is no one's mistake but your own. If all of the registers are being used to ring customers it should be clear we are doing all we can to take your money. An irate customer telling us how our line is to long also usually ends up with some register catastrpphe. This is when our INTRANET goes down and will not take credit or debit transactions or when an associates receipts stop printing. Anything that can go wrong with the registers will when 20 people are waiting line to purchase their items.  There will be a manager up there in no time troubleshooting to fix the POS problems, and we already feel anxious like their is an elephant on our chest. We know that this computer malfunction can cost us money and impatience from the customers, this makes our heart rate go up and when this happens it is almost certain the manager on duty will have to take a break to recover. Please try to smile and be patient and remember a time when you felt like that. I promise you will be much more understanding, and a smile always helps. Computers are great when they are working, a pain when the mess up. Patience is a virtue, next time this happens please be patient. We do everything we can to make it right.

TIP: Do not go to the mall when you are in a hurry


for everyone who is not aware the definition of the word final is defined as followed:

Adjective; Coming to an end of a series.

Also means no refunds, exchanges, store credits, or suck it up you are stuck with it after that receipt prints. This is why we as associates make sure you are informed by telling you at the cash wrap, printing on the receipts, posting it on our website, and posting it on the SALE marketing. This information aids you to make a decision to buy or not. Please understand we have done everything we can, and please do not be upset that you made a bad decision which you simply cannot live with it. It's just a shirt or something, a material thing that really in the long run means nothing.  Please do not cause a scene and take it out on a retail worker because you, a customer, made a bad decision for yourself. I have tried and tried to figure out how a customer should be right in a situation like this, I cant seem to.

Stayed tuned for next weeks, it is sure to get CRAZY!

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